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Business Transformation (Part 2): Relentless Development

Business transformation and the power of “relentless development”

Here’s a good article on the supposed keys to adaptability in business. The authors and their research find that “relentless development” of people — i.e. learning, opportunities for growth, etc. — are the key to having an adaptable culture. None of this should be rocket science, although to many it seems to be. Here’s the money paragraph:

One crucial measure of this success is adaptability. Looking into the future, we can see a number of pathways for companies to achieve business success, via strategy, technology, operations, etc. But before companies set out, they should ask themselves a key developmental question: “For my particular business, at this moment in history, will the challenges we face be largely technical ones, or largely adaptive ones?” This important distinction comes from our Harvard colleague Ronald Heifetz: technical challenges require new skill sets, like new apps or files for an operating system.

Tony Robbins was semi-recently on the cover of Inc Magazine. Here’s the article. One important thing he says in the article: 

“Every business has a business it is, and a business it’s becoming.”

That is absolutely true in the modern era. 723,945 percent true. Apple is basically becoming a health care company, for chrissakes! In 20 years, Google might make more from cars than from search. This is the essence of business transformation. You gotta “skate to where the puck is going.”

But see, that doesn’t begin with chasing money, or process, or product. It begins with people.

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