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Archive for September 2019

Employee Attrition (Part 3)

So what’s the quick fix? It’s not per se quick, but the general idea is this. Let’s get better managers. How about we promote more quality people? This seems like a gargantuan task. Let’s try to make heads or tails of it: ·         First: care about training people. It matters. ·         Then: we need to train managers more than…

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Employee Attrition (Part 2)

Prevent employee attrition: Some McKinsey research Nice report here from McKinsey on people analytics and “issues HR is getting wrong,”including this: Too often, companies seek to win the talent war by throwing ever more money into the mix. One example was a major US insurer that had been facing high attrition rates; it first sought, with…

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Employee Attrition (Part 1)

Is there a “quick fix” for employee attrition issues? Maybe. Increased attention being paid recently to employee attrition, i.e. turnover, including the science of lessening it and something called “The Hawthorne Effect.”  These discussions are interesting to us at Singer Performance Group. Maybe we’re odd ducks (perhaps?), but in reality more people should care about these issues around…

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Business Transformation (Part 4): The Common Thread

What do all these ideas about business transformation have in common? Pause. Wait for it. People. They are all tied to people. Look, some day the AI robots will come for about 6 in 10 jobs, if not more. We know that might be part of the future. But until the robots arrive and we…

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Business Transformation (Part 3): People Over Product

How does business transformation begin with people? We compete on price and product! I’ve heard that from clients in the past, and while it makes sense because it’s a specific business way of thinking, it’s ultimately misguided. Even if you do compete on product, people work on those products.  Here would be a few steps…

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