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Business Transformation (Part 3): People Over Product

How does business transformation begin with people? We compete on price and product!

I’ve heard that from clients in the past, and while it makes sense because it’s a specific business way of thinking, it’s ultimately misguided. Even if you do compete on product, people work on those products. 

Here would be a few steps towards business transformation:

Why. In short: why are you undergoing a business transformation? What’s the point?

Priority. Seen this a few times too: An org launches a business transformation, but no priority is assigned to anything. All the existing employees have tasks they were working on. Are those still a priority? No one knows. Because it’s never clarified, everyone does the same stuff they were doing. The business transformation flops. Set clear priorities.

Align. Once the priorities are set, align them (i.e. the strategy) with day-to-day work that needs to be done.

Communicate. Talk to people. How are you feeling about this business transformation, Bob? Does it scare you? Many people — especially men — generate tons of self-worth from work. When things change at work, then, they become scared. We have to realize this and talk about it, as opposed to just plowing through with our process. When we do that, problems add up.

Iterate. Your business transformation will flop several times before it really gets going — or before you see financial returns. Iterate, change. 

Respect. Respect the time, concerns, and needs of all those going through the business transformation — not just the execs. If the existing business model or a new business model is the go-to, the execs are fine. Everyone else might have some legit concerns. Honor those.

Analyze. What’s working? What isn’t?

Study. What have other companies done? Competitors?

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