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Business Transformation (Part 4): The Common Thread

What do all these ideas about business transformation have in common?


Wait for it.


They are all tied to people.

Look, some day the AI robots will come for about 6 in 10 jobs, if not more. We know that might be part of the future.

But until the robots arrive and we need to consider universal basic income, work is still made up of people. So changes around and at work — i.e. business transformation — must be rooted in a place of people, not margins and CAGR and revenue plays.

Talk to your people!

  • “Hey Billy Bob, what’s working in your department?”
  • “Tim, let me bend your ear for a second on some of our procurement processes.”
  • “How can we better serve customers, Jerry?”
  • “Cindy, is our value clear to those who interact with us online?”

These types of questions drive true business transformation — not chasing nickels in the couch cushions of your vertical.

Any other thoughts on business transformation?

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