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Employee Attrition (Part 1)

Is there a “quick fix” for employee attrition issues? Maybe.

Increased attention being paid recently to employee attrition, i.e. turnover, including the science of lessening it and something called “The Hawthorne Effect.” 

These discussions are interesting to us at Singer Performance Group. Maybe we’re odd ducks (perhaps?), but in reality more people should care about these issues around employee attrition and turnover, up to and including true senior decision-makers. 

There are often a couple of major problems in this area, though:

·         HR typically “owns” employee attrition numbers, and execs don’t commonly care about HR as a strategic partner.

·         41% of global employees essentially have one foot out the door each day, and yet companies are still reporting healthy growth. So does turnover truly even matter?


You should care about turnover and employee attrition. There is some legitimate research that less turnover can help the bottom line. 

What if preventing employee attrition had a quick fix? What if it was easier than we thought?

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