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Employee Attrition (Part 3)

So what’s the quick fix?

It’s not per se quick, but the general idea is this. Let’s get better managers. How about we promote more quality people?

This seems like a gargantuan task. Let’s try to make heads or tails of it:

·         First: care about training people. It matters.

·         Then: we need to train managers more than anyone. We often forget this.

·         And now: when we train, we need to remove all outdated assumptions about “what makes a good manager” from the training.

·         We instead need to train about people development and human energy.

·         There needs to be sections on priority development and strategic alignment.

·         Managers should be forced to explain how they spend each day of the week.

·         If they’re predominantly working on low-value tasks, this needs to be corrected. It’s costing you money.

·         Each manager should be forced to draft a low-cost employee recognition programand explain how they’ll measure employee engagement on their team.

·         The incentive structures for these managers should be tied equally to “hitting KPIs” and being good managers. 

·         In other words, if you have a huge turnover rate, your bonus is smaller — because that turnover rate cost the company money, and now they’re taking that money from you.

·         All managers should be required to complete several classes on communication in the workplace.

In short, we’re going to train up managers — improve the front line leadership — and make them value-add. And I bet what happens next is: lowered employee attrition.

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