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Growth, Goals, and their Relationship (Part 2)

“My focus is on the numbers”

You hear this a lot from founders and brand-builders, and it’s not a bad thing. You do need a critical eye towards your key business metrics. That’s unquestionable. But you also need people to be engaged. An engaged workforce matters a lot. The simplest way I can frame this up is: “run through a wall for you.” If your managerial level is impactful, the execution level will run through walls to get projects done because they believe in their co-workers, their leaders, and the purpose of the business.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. To wit:

“… this crisis in engagement that we’re facing now, where only one in three people can actually tell you what their role is at work. Two out of three people don’t know what they’re doing, so of course they can’t be engaged in it. And even if they know what they’re doing, they’re distracted by competing demands.”

This is common in scaling companies. People are hired to underscore growth — hopefully at more than $35,000 — and oftentimes, job role can be unclear (2 in 3 don’t know what their role is). When job role is unclear, engagement suffers. And even if job role is clear, the additional concern is that competing priorities will confuse employees. Are they supposed to work on A, B, or C? And in what order? Because there’s a possibility that the manager associated with A, with B, and with C have all told the employee that their task is “extremely urgent.”

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